Nathan and Kylie

Throughout my business career I have been inspired by many things, music, sport, family, technology… and always shining through, has been the desire to create and share using the Internet as a medium.

For over 20 years I’ve had a fascination with the world wide web. My first experience building websites was for the pure joy of it, sharing guitar TAB sheet music to help strangers learn to play the guitar.

To this day creating helpful and functional applications for the internet does not seem like work, but rather something that gives me purpose.

For this reason, My-Designer was formed to bring together others with the same drive, passion, and perseverance. Those with the driving need to meet and exceed expectations for customers and themselves alike.

We have spent many years honing and developing the skills needed, finding the very best tools and resources, and bringing together the right people,
To help others bring their business to the internet.

Our mission is to help you not only build a website, but to show you how you can develop your business into a truly online experience backed by your own passion, desire, perseverance.

– Nathan Bullock

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