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Is it worth building a mailing list?2022-04-01T02:53:26+11:00

In a world where consumers are bombarded with advertising, a mailing list can provide a unique opportunity to convert website visitors into long term customers.
It can be difficult to maintain a solid connection with visitors who have a genuine interest in your offerings, and a mailing list is the perfect way to keep that connection alive.

Our premium mailing list software (Mailster) is fully self hosted, comes loaded with amazing pre-built templates… making it a pleasure to create engaging campaigns with less effort than expected.
For maximum performance and deliverability, we provide integration with Amazons SES outgoing mail service, and configure everything just right so your campaigns won’t end up in spam folders.

A well curated list can be a huge boost to your advertising strategy, your customers want to hear more from you than you may realise.

What is a Web Application Firewall (WAF)2022-03-31T00:36:29+11:00

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a security barrier for your website using intelligent filters and processes to protect your website against Hackers and Bad Bots.

A WAF is the first line of defense, stopping hack attempts and malicious activities dead in their tracks before they have a chance to affect your server.

Bad actors performing activities such as Brute force Login attempts, Spam and DDOS attacks trying to lag and bring down your website are intercepted before they have a chance to do any damage, freeing up your server resources to deliver lightning fast requests to your actual customers.

In today’s digital landscape, WAF is essential protection your online business, and an integral tool offered through My-Cloud Hosting.

Website Hosting2022-03-31T00:23:53+11:00

All our websites are hosted and managed by our sister company My-Cloud who provide Dedicated cloud servers optimised and configured for your WordPress website.
My-Cloud will save you from the issues that plague shared hosting services (which is where multiple websites are hosted on the one server) that are typically provided by low cost hosting companies.

Email Marketing2019-05-28T06:43:31+10:00

Email Marketing can be a powerful addition to your marketing strategy. It can help to convert a lead into a sale, it is also a great way to keep existing customers in the loop and generate repeat business.

You may hear us refer to a “Call to Action” when we are designing your website.
These are key areas on your website where we ask the user to make contact, join our mailing list, or make some other type of action to further the relationship with your business.
Every time a customer provides you an email address, it is another opportunity to add them to your email marketing list (with their consent of course).

So whether it be an automated series of emails that are sent out over the next coming days/weeks/months, or simply updates provided on new events in your business, it is important that the systems you use:

  1. Uses professional software to manage and create your marketing campaign
  2. Look amazing
  3. Have a simple way for your customers to edit their preferences (i.e. remove themselves from the list or change their frequency etc.)
  4. Integrate analytics so you can assess the success of your campaign (i.e. how many customers read the email or clicked on a link etc.)

We have several options that can operate in the the back end of your website, or external services such as Mail Chimp which we can integrate into the pages of your website.

What is Analytics?2019-05-28T06:20:44+10:00

Analytics is the process of collecting and displaying website statistical data in a meaningful way.

It is an amazing way to get an insight into your customers behaviors when they are using your website.
For example:

  • How many unique visitors are coming to your website.
  • Where do these visitors click once they come to your website
  • How much time do they spend on specific pages
  • How many customers come to your website and leave after a quick look (bounce rate)
  • Where do your customers come from, if they come from a google ads campaign… how many convert into paid customers
  • and much more.

We integrate and set up Google Analytics software which will track all these statistics, and can give you periodic reports and recommendations based on the data collected.
This is an essential feature to running a successful website, and is commonly overlooked by amateur designers and do-it-yourself business owners.

How do I sell online?2019-05-28T06:12:52+10:00

Selling online, also known as E-Commerce is an amazing way to leverage the power of the internet to sell your products.
We achieve this using pluggin software called WooCommerce that extends WordPress to allow us to build a database of products which can be displayed as an online store.
We can integrate several payment gateways to process client payments and automate the entire process. its as simple as shipping out your products when you make a sale.

The power of WooCommerce goes further than just physical products.
We can also provide Online sales for tickets to events, Digital Products, Services, and so much more. all with a high level of automation and security.
Contact us with your specific needs and we can even come up with a custom solution to just about any scenario.


What is WordPress?2019-05-28T06:13:44+10:00

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that is installed in the back end of your website which enables an admin user to log in and make easy changes to content displayed on the website.
It also enables a host of smart systems to your website, such as:

  • Contact Forms
  • E-Commerce
  • Booking Systems
  • and more…

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