Email Marketing can be a powerful addition to your marketing strategy. It can help to convert a lead into a sale, it is also a great way to keep existing customers in the loop and generate repeat business.

You may hear us refer to a “Call to Action” when we are designing your website.
These are key areas on your website where we ask the user to make contact, join our mailing list, or make some other type of action to further the relationship with your business.
Every time a customer provides you an email address, it is another opportunity to add them to your email marketing list (with their consent of course).

So whether it be an automated series of emails that are sent out over the next coming days/weeks/months, or simply updates provided on new events in your business, it is important that the systems you use:

  1. Uses professional software to manage and create your marketing campaign
  2. Look amazing
  3. Have a simple way for your customers to edit their preferences (i.e. remove themselves from the list or change their frequency etc.)
  4. Integrate analytics so you can assess the success of your campaign (i.e. how many customers read the email or clicked on a link etc.)

We have several options that can operate in the the back end of your website, or external services such as Mail Chimp which we can integrate into the pages of your website.