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The role of a website in 2020

Most modern businesses have a website, and it does what it was designed to do, promote your business online and provide contact information for customers.

… but is that all you need from your website?

@ My-Designer, we are constantly challenging and defining exactly what it is that a website can do for your business.

2020 the year of change

2020 has seen a dramatic shift to the way people interact with the world.
Customers are actively looking to shop and interact online, and quite frankly, most businesses are not prepared.

Depending on your industry, you may be facing seemingly insurmountable challenges to simply stay afloat.
So how can you adapt, and take advantage of the shift in consumer habits to get ahead of the game?

Online tools for an online world

After over a decade of “free-trial and error”, we have come up with the optimal solutions to your online business needs… trust us when we say we’ve put in the hours of due diligence.
In the web design industry, experience and innovation is everything, and, if you’ve had a dabble at creating a website, you will be fully aware that there are a ridiculous amount of tools and services available with a mountain of free trials and seemingly inexpensive solutions.

But… Prepare for the rapid fire cliche…. 

  • Not all solutions are created equal
  • looks can be deceiving
  • there’s no such thing as a free lunch

Hard Earned Answers

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing some “Hard Earned Answers” to what works, and what tools we use to build online solutions for businesses every day. 

So stay tuned, subscribe, etc, as we reveal our weapons of choice, and although we are giving away our game-plan, we know that for those that want a job done right, should probably leave it to the experts. 🙂

Coming Soon

Here are our ideas for short articles over the coming weeks… they aren’t set in stone as… well, they haven’t been written yet.

Send us a message if there is a topic you’d like us to address.

  • WordPress – building a solid foundation and extending with plugins.
  • E-Commerce – selling online
  • Working from home – Building an online workplace
  • Customer Service – real people – Automation
  • Booking online – appointment scheduling
  • Having A Helpdesk
  • Email Marketing – keeping customers in the loop
  • Social Media – where all the people at?
  • Online Advertising – being visible to new customers
  • Speed is everything- Fixing the slow loading website
Nathan Bullock – My Designer Agent

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