Website Speed is also linked to website security when it comes to keeping your system updated to the latest versions. Updates can be rolled out daily, and sometimes waiting months to make important updates can end up with your site slowing dramatically or even being hacked.

WordPress SecurityOften in the past we have developed a WordPress website for a client and left them to manage updating and security on their own.
It is also often that 6 months later we will be asked to do some work on the site and low and behold… no updates have been performed since the initial handover of the website.

It may not seem like a big issue, but realistically, it can have huge ramifications for not only this individual website, but all other websites that may be hosted in the same shared server environment.

Some issues that arise from you or one of your neighbors failing to update:

  • Security vulnerabilities being exploited
  • Server Lag due to under performing website elements created by outdated plugins.
  • Websites being hijacked and locking out the administrator.
  • Websites being defaced, filled with spam and pornographic/shady content.
  • Your domain being used to send spam ending in a blacklist and all your future legitimate emails being sent to spam folders of clients.
  • Theft of private information (client details – credit cards – etc)
  • The list goes on and on…

Thankfully with the innovation of cloud computing, we have been able to slowly migrate our customers away from shared server hosting to an affordable dedicated hosting platform.
This means that problems created by specific users are isolated to their own environment.
And in conjunction with My-Cloud we are able to offer fully managed WordPress websites included in the hosting bill.
This means that updates are managed swiftly to keep all our websites safe and secure.

To find out how we can help you manage updates of plugins, themes, and WordPress core, Drop us a line via our contact form on our CONTACT PAGE.