Optic Fibre

On the recommendation of our partners at My-Cloud, we have moved our website to their new Dedicated Cloud system.

It is built using a Bitnami Stack on the Google Compute Engine Service using NGINX instead of Apache, and honestly it is the best that I have ever seen WordPress run.

After many years of hosting WordPress websites on shared hosting servers, I had come to accept that WordPress would always have a laggy feel, and the only truly way to have a fast website was with static HTML files.

Now with a dedicated cloud server, websites seem to operate at the speed of light.
I am highly impressed and we are now in the process of moving all of our clients to the new hosting service.

Whilst there is a marginal cost increase, the increase in speed is up to 12 times faster than what our current shared hosting environment can provide. I call this a worthy investment, and highly recommend this service to our new and existing customers.

For information on how you can speed up your own website, contact us here at my-designer, or send a message directly to my-cloud and make the switch today. No Regrets.